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sâmbătă, 16 octombrie 2010

New Vegas...countdown 3 days left and counting

Dupa cum stiti sau daca nu veti sti acum...Fallout New Vegas va aparea pe piata peste 3 zile...se poate pre downloda deja de pe diferite siteuri urmand ca pe data de 19 sa va puteti juca acest joc care speram sa fie pe putin lafel de bun ca precedentul...va las sa vizionati trailerul jocului...distractie placuta :)

English translation:

As you know or if you dont you will know now...Fallout New Vegas will be released in 3 days...it can be pre-ordered on different sites and will be available on the 19th of this month...lets all hope that this game will be at least as EPIC as Fallout 3 was and still is...i'l let you watch the trailer of the game...have fun :)

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  1. Lol, thanks for the english translation.

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  3. English translation is handy, This game looks promising.

  4. As good as Fallout 3 was, I don't think I'll be buying Fallout New Vegas. Fallout 3 was simply too huge! There is no way I have the time to play yet another game as big as this one. I'm on my first replay of Fallout 3, playing with some various mods to make the game even better.

    I really am looking forward to getting to play New Vegas though, it just won't happen too soon! :D

  5. Lol I hope my family and friends dont think im dead after I pick up this game, cuz they wont be hearing from me for a while XD

  6. me and my roommate just like came a little watching that trailer. SO EXCITED

  7. God damn this looks tasty. Too bad I'm still broke.